It’s a command, not a suggestion.
You just have to do what you have to do.

Life doesn’t guarantee you a 100 years, even my best man lived only 33years on earth. Therefore, you don’t have all the time in the world.

Dear friend, I love you and I hate to hear “Had I knowns”.

Why not take one step at a time daily pursuing what you’ve gotta do.
There are a million and ONE people in the world who needs what you have, who is dying to hear all the knowledge you have bottled up inside, there are a billion and ONE people who needs that beautiful smile, that warm hug, the cash in your account and the money you have saved up.

FRIEND, do what you’ve got to do. No one is allowed to take anything to heaven and even if you insist it be buried with you, its all going to rot under the earth.


There will never be a time when you don’t have anything to give.
Don’t withhold from people when you can give.

Don’t be a CONTAINER, be a CHANNEL.
You are never gonna be rich, famous and influential if all you do is amass wealth so you can keep.

Remember, wealth can be anything, not just cash.

Share some knowledge with someone who needs it.
Help Someone today.

Teach a skill, pass down knowledge to people younger, even children. You would be glad you did.
Don’t just EXIST, Live. And in your living,Be DELIBERATE.





Just this evening, I noticed and thought about something I had never thought about.

Sure you would love to listen.
So I noticed children playing on the street.
I saw older children, as well as younger ones.

Then that thought just struck me, whoever their mum and dad is,
Has had/ been having sex.

So, you cant really hide.

Children,people generally are a product of lovemaking/SEX.
So why run away from the topic?
Why close your ears when it is being mentioned?

When you see a protuded belly, it simply means,SHE HAD SEX!
Some sexually active young people,who are not even married yet.
Pretend and appear like they have never had anything to do with their
Lover not knowing that Our oldies know and see the signs, especially
On a female’s body.

Sincerely, love making is enjoyable, Even God knows that. But only when the time is right.

I am an advocate for #NoSexBeforeMarriage and I mean it.
Its okay if you are young and you have crossed that bridge, you can caution yourself now, dust your skirts, zip your jeans and do all you can to unfall from that temptation.

Truth is, its easy to give in… Whatever is easy cannot be appreciated. So, dont even try it.

You want to please her, you dont want him to feel bad…
Hey, no one will get hurt if he feels bad, but you both will if you do it to please him/her.

Whats the point if everything comes easy? Even “miss precious” underneath her skirt too?

I dare you to keep yourself… To focus more on building yourself, your confidence, your life.

I dare you to say No to the pressures… To resist and unfall from that temptation.

Its tempting and juicy, Yes, I know. But its safer to delay gratification.
Married folks tell us, “Ko ni pe su yin” (You will soon be tired of it). So if thats it, why eat your cake half baked?

The next time you get a chance to talk to a teenager, teach them these things.
They dont have so much information on this topic .

Don’t also forget to tell them that Sex is not an end in itself, it is progressive.
Remember to smile when you see a pregnant woman or a child, let it remind you of the product of lovemaking/sex.

Let it also remind you, if you are still single and young to stay away from sexual affairs until you are hitched..

Would love to hear from you

Love from AuntyLanre



What would you wish you had done?
Let’s do a little reality check.

If today was the end of your life,  what would be tied to YOU? and to your name??

Ever sat down to ask yourself few questions? If you haven’t,  let me ask,

1. What are you still doing here? I mean,  what are you still doing on Earth?

2. Are you very useful here or you are just a consumer of Space and air and everything in it?

3. What are you useful for? ”

4. If today was the end of life,  what would be said about you when you are gone?

5. Would it be said that you lived well OR that you existed, you were just a number in the crowd?

6. Even,  let me ask,  have you been miserly to the world around you and have amassed all the wealth to yourself?  Whats the usefulness in doing that though?  You better learn to sow and scatter seeds,  in fact cast your bread too.  Start storing up treasures in heaven by GIVING.

6. Wait sef,  do you even know Jesus?  Double wahala if you met him and u ignored..

Its not the end of your life,  so let’s make things right now,  and fast. Just believe in him, his power, his lordship,  his death and resurrection and declare that he is lord over your life. 
When you have done that,  you are saved!

Friend, don’t live your life like it is all about you.  It isn’t about you at all… It is about God’s kingdom. 

Get up,  LET’S START building God’s Kingdom,  because if today was the end of your life, you would wish you had started earlier.

Life has not been lived when you have not imprinted something unique,  different, and positive into the sands..

The world needs you, start living! Don’t forget to love and give too. 

Don’t just waste away,  you can live honourably and purposefully.

Love from AuntyLanre

Wednesday Ofofo


I have fresh gists for you oo, straight outta the freezer..

So last week, my friend was telling me about one babe that he really likes but does not like him back .

Guys, this is for you, 
1. She likes you but she cant let you see it. Once she lets you see that she likes you, she believes you will stop chasing.. Ladies,  Some guys are really shy ooo,  they wont ask you again…

2. You are not the only guy that likes her,  there are other guys on her case,  so step up your game. She needs to see something unique in you before she even decides to give you her attention.

3. She probably has issues she is dealing with and she thinks giving you her attention might make it worse. So,  don’t be all up in her face, give her some space.

4.  She has never met a guy that has expressed his likeness for her. She doesn’t know what it means to be “liked”. Don’t rush her with your presence,  she might freak out. Just show kind gestures, help out,  buy her a drink, or a gift,  soon enough she will loosen up.

5. She is in a relationship and wouldn’t want any interference but she can’t get herself to tell you. Maybe cos she cares so much about other people’s feelings.
Just ask her and get her to open up. Tell her its fine and don’t disturb.

Are you in the same category?  Pls share your thoughts.

Love from AuntyLanre




I might shed tears…
I might wring..

I might feel down
I might get frightened

But I won’t bleed.

Hear me out…
Just One more time..
Let me speak my deepest fears into oblivion

For so long, I was deeply troubled…
Troubled with life’s hard knock ways..

Lately,  I realised that Life happens in different phases..

Life is fair today and tomorrow, She is dark complexioned..

Its quite understandable…
Because life happens in seasons.

Whats important is to understand the seasons of life and relate with it as it comes.

Listen up,
Life is Life..
Life Happens..

What matters is how you react to life..

Would you let life get to you?
Or would you rather get past through what life brings and create your own kind of Life.

Life is pretty,
She gets pretty emotional too,
Sometimes she gets cranky and sometimes, shez all dolled up like Barbie.

Life is a SHE..
I am a SHE..

I will thrive..
I will survive..
I won’t be shy to cry when life lets me..
But I promise you, 


What will you rather do? I want to hear you…

Love from AuntyLanre

AuntyLanre’s Thots

This morning, when I opened my facebook, I saw a friend request from my EX. This inspired this post.

Sometimes, everything is good for you, but not everything is right for you.

All the guys that wanted me so badly at some point are married now, at least I can count 3!

I could have settled for them…But you know, I took my time with them…Didnt stress it!

They all were in a hurry to tie the knot…I knew it wasnt time for me….I also knew that I couldnt have married them cos my mates were getting married..

I understand so well that I cant move at the pace of my mates…

In my present relationship, God has taught and is teaching me so much stuff I had never learnt before..

Most of the things I would need when I eventually get to be with him legally.

Point is: Don’t move at others pace…Know God’s timing…Understand the times and seasons of your life so you don’t mess it all up!

I know you might be thinking, ” But you have lost opportunities to get married”.
“What if you’ve lost your husband to some other woman”?

I AM IN THE RIGHT PLACE…And this is the right time.

Mind you, getting married isn’t about maximising every opportunity you get…It’s a decision..Its ONE choice you have to make.

Its a choice you need to make if you don’t wanna be like PAUL.

See, God wants you to be happy…
Being with your Mr/Mrs CHOICE doesn’t guarantee all life happiness….

It doesnt mean, because you are married to that person, you’d always be happy…

Learn to be wise…It is wisdom to do things that’d make God happy!

Focus on loving God, and then making your spouse happy wont be difficult.

When you are with God, he lets you in on how to run your marriage/ relationship.

I guess I need to stop here…Sure you know I have talked about Timing, Making choices, Happiness and Wisdom all in this piece

Let me know if this inspires you!

Love from AuntyLanre

That Girl’

Hey You!

You really think I’ve got it all figured out?

You think I’m smart and cool?
You think I’ve got nothing to worry about?

You are so WRONG!

See, I’m just as messed up as you are..
I’m only a little girl who has found grace n mercy.

I’m only a little girl who gets lost sometimes but never forgets to go back to her father.

I’m just a girl who misses it and finds the courage to try again.

I’m just a girl who, with the help of the holy spirit finds herself at the centre of God’s will..

Sometimes, I get out of it, but God always finds me..

I’m just a girl who has learnt to be grateful to God….

In all seasons, through all phases and stages of life.

I’m just that girl who never stops following…Who never gives up on God.

You know why?

He Chose me…He Chose to Love me…

And I wont take it for granted

Love from AuntyLanre



You know, I wonder what has happened to us….
While we were much younger, when it rains, we’re happier than we’ve been all day…

You should know why ….

We loved to play in water…
We loved the feel of raindrops on our foreheads and faces…
We loved that we’d feel cold and would be wrapped up in warm clothes..
We loved the warmth and affection we were given then…

These days, when it rains,we find shelter..
We find a place to keep warm…
A place to stay safe…

What changed??

For me, I think of my hair (its def gonna itch)…
I think of the shivers it’d send down my spine..
I think of the meds I’d have to get (that’s if I catch cold).

But really, what changed?

Nowadays,there’s little or no affection for grown ups anymore…Except they find refuge in their “boos” and “friends”..

The world has gotten wider for you…
You are more responsible…
You have to keep yourself healthy for you…And for the world that needs you…

Not everybody cares about you that much (this sentence doesnt sound correct, but at least u get wat i’m saying yea)….

Well, not everybody is meant to care about you….If you have 1 or 2persons, then its aii…And of course, you knw God cares yea?

So back to the matter, You know quite well that to have FAITH is hard, but you need it anyway..

While I was walking down to the bus stop from work, the clouds had become gloomy and dark…

Ofcourse, she was ready to pour..

I said to God, “Let me get to foodco God, then the rain can start”.

I took a few steps and it started…
Now I’m soaked!

What happened?

Was I being selfish by just asking God to keep me warm?

Or was my faith not strong enough? (Ooops! Forgot to put it on fleek)

And jes yesterday,I asked God for a car…
Would I be justified If I say God isnt fair?
No, I wont..

God is good…Despite all my HAVE-NOTS…

His plans and thoughts are higher and better than ours…So I can wait for it..

I gotta go…the rain is reduced.

Sure you learnt 1 or 2 lessons from me..
K! Bye.. has not reduced ooo..

Love from AuntyLanre

Beyond Me….


FYI: This post was written last month…You can correct the tenses if you like.

A letter to anyone who cares to listen

Dear You,
            I feel really awful doing this…Most times I like to keep stuffs to myself because Im afraid people dont care enough to listen..Or maybe its that I assume people think I complain a lot.

Today, I went to the salon not knowing what hairstyle to do and I came back feeling really terrible than I first was.
Wasted my time and of course my boo’s time sitting under a really hot dryer only for the hairdresser to brush out all the curls..

Now hair looks totally “Not like it”
I needed to gather much courage to be able to feel good about my self at that moment…

In between Now and some 5mins ago,I thought to myself
“Lanre, you are busy sulking over your terrible hair when so many people dont have the opportunities you have”

Okay so this is it…I need to be deliberate about this One Act!
“GET BEYOND YOURSELF LANRE!!!Life isnt about your hair!It isnt really about you”.

Live beyond what you want, what didn’t work, what’s perfect for you and all of that…

Take a moment and think about other people…
Let your watchword be “More of you and less of ME”.

Live for God! Live for love! Live for others and their happiness..
When they are happy, you are happier…
Life is better when you live selflessly…

Love from AuntyLanre