Its Okay to fail

That a person failed/lost doesnt mean that its the end of his life.

Give that boy/Girl, Guy/Lady another chance and you would be amazed at the outcome.
I remembered one wednesday morning, while it was the time for games and sports in the school where I work.

An 8yr old boy competed with two other boys in a game of ball and spoon(Aka lime and spoon).
Eventually, he lost.
Looking back at the kids behind me, the boy’s eyes were filled with tears.

Guess what I did?I gave him another chance to play again and this time, he won.
I did that to teach him and the other kids a very important lesson.
One thing that made the difference was this; In between the time he lost and the time he replayed, there was this slim aunty who cheered him on…who fed him with so much positivity.

That gave him the PUSH he needed..That made him WIN again.

Give someone a second chance….Give someone a PUSH today.
You never know who is hurting


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