Marriage isnt for everyone

Is marriage for everyone?

Wait!Did I just ask that question?I guess it shouldnt be coming from the lips of a girl who cant wait to get married to her dream man.
But really,is marriage for everyone?

Lets get spiritual for a few minutes.
You’d agree with me that God made a wife for the first man.
So I’d say God wants two people of the opposite sex to be together.
Went through the old testament and saw how fathers gave their daughters to Men to marry..Not one of them said”Dont get Married”
They must have had weddings everyday of the week..
No wonder there wasnt enough wine at the wedding in cana.
But really,lets deal with this:

If God created a woman out of a man,it means every woman is meant to be with a man.
So that automatically answers the question.

Now,if marriage is for everyone,why are the priests unmarried?Dont they get emotional?
Why are Nuns without husbands?Dont they feel a need for companionship?
Why are there 40years old men who arent ready to get married?
Why are there single ladies who just wanna have kids not husbands?

If marriage is for everyone,why do married people desire to get out of their marriages?
Is there a reason to get married?
Or is there a purpose to fulfil with it?

Does it guarantee my going to heaven?
Or does it help me live a better,more productive life?
So many questions I wanna ask over and over again.

Does the bible record that Paul,Elijah,the disciples,Elisha…..get married?
Maybe they did,Maybe not or Maybe the bible wasnt interested in writing that,I really cant say.

Marriage is beautiful when it is right and with the right person with the right purpose.
Does that mean marriage is for PERFECT people?No!

You know what I think?I think marriage is for people who wants to get married..
Two people who are matured enough to take shits from each other and not freak out!
Two people who will NEVER SAY DIE.
Surprisingly,not everyone wants to be married..

Somewhere in the bible,HE says get married if you cant do without Sex before marriage.
He also says that there are some people who are born incapable of marriage.How weird?Its the truth tho.

Jesus said some people made themselves incapable of marriage for the sake of the kingdom.How zealous?I guess those people would get the VVIP seats in heaven.(Lmao)

Jesus saw a need for marriage tho..You know what he said?He said,”Let him who is able to accept this,accept it”..It means not everyone is able to accept the fact that some people are not capable of marriage.

My conclusion is this;
Marriage is wonderful..
Love makes it so
I mean,how would you survive on this earth without Love especially from an opposite sex you are attracted to?

Love is life..Either in marriage with God or with man.
Is marriage for everyone?
Yes!It is for EVERYONE who WANTS to get married.Eunuchs are married too you know?They are married to God!
The individual’s purpose of getting married is what makes marriage either pleasurable or pain-filled.



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