My life, My teacher

I know a teacher.
So smart,so beautiful.
Could get really annoying sometimes but she’s simply amazing.
She knows everything and unfolds them one after the other to whoever cared to listen.
She duplicates her experiences just for others to learn from.How Nice?
She wants to say a lot of things but to whoever cared to know.
Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and she leaves us to wander.

My teacher always has something to teach cos she has a good mastery of her subjects.
Sometimes when you’re headed for trouble,she tries to stop you.
But you know,she cant.
cos she’s just a mere TEACHER.
Her Name is LIFE.

Life is a school.
Informal sorta learning,you may say.
But I think its more than that.
We have school bags and textbooks,water bottles and even lunch bags.
And we take these things to school everyday.
We study hard to pass our tests,Some try to cheat,others fail to write exams..

In my school of life,we learn inside and outside the box.
We learn from anything and everything.
Shez a good teacher.
She has wonderful and diverse teaching techniques.
Sometimes she uses Rote learning and sometimes Group discussions..Would love to learn those skills someday.

Life is a great teacher.
She has taught me so many things..
How to walk,sit,eat,talk and play.
How to suck,beat,fight and slay.

Life is an amazing teacher.She takes her time to coach me.
Makes me understand why life is called a montessori school.
Life has semesters too;Autumn,summer,winter and Spring..

She prepares her lesson notes carefully and thoroughly.
While in class,some pay attention while some utterly disrespect and ignore her.
But she doesnt work herself up.
Karma is the school principal,
He always knows what to do.

Life is pretty,not forcy,never clingy..
Life is a “SHE”
Karma is a “HE”



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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