Walls can also talk

Theres this song titled “If walls could talk”.
Im not sure walls can but I know a wall that can…Notice the absence of “s” in wall…

Facebook has a wall…Im sure u knw wat I mean by now.
Facebook is the only guy that has a wall and can talk..
A lot of us want to be heard..We wanna express our minds and have people respond..
Its okay to want that…

We want the world to know whats happening with us..It gets bad when we expose ourselves,our private lives to the internet…We give all the gists we’d have shared with our friends with the wall cos we think other people dnt wanna know..

A lot of times,we even share our emotional pains with that wall that has no physical structure…Maybe its not our fault…Maybe it is..I dnt think I care whose fault it is.
You’ve just gotta learn to trust someone…Someone u can pour out ur heart to..Someone who wuld laugh at ur mistakes and Push u forward…

Someone who would replace that Wall…
You know really,If real walls could talk,there wont be so much evil in the world cos they would always do “gbeborun”.

Thats what I think tho..
What do you think?


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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