Its Okay to cry

Sometimes I jes wanna cry till I fall asleep..Wake up to a bright new day and resolve never to cry again..
But u knw cryin isnt just the solution..Figuring why I wanna cry would bring me close to the solution..
Sometimes I conclude that its just a void that has been left vacant..
Maybe its that God-sized void that cant be filled by anything else.
I jes wanna figure it out and be happy..I know I need help and the goodnews is I know where and how to get it…
Right now,this moment,I have tears strolling down my cheeks..I wont wipe it off cos i know its okay to cry..
As long as theres something to learn from it..
Gotta go figure out how to solve this!
See u soon

Love from auntylanre


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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