Do babies also dream?

So one morning, I noticed my aunty’s baby smiling in his sleep..I called her attention to it and she said he was dreaming..

So i thought,If he was dreaming,what could he possibly be dreaming about?Breast milk?
Hell No!Maybe babies dream about when they grow up and all that.
Or maybe they dream about Jesus..Or maybe its about them playing with other babies..

I really dont know.
But what I know is Babies have brains too..Dreams are a function of how our brains work nd all that.Not sure Im correct though.
Then I thought again,Do babies think?

I’m not sure they do.Cos if they do,they wouldnt pee in an uncle’s mouth or poo in their pampers.
They wouldnt put their hands in fire or pull an aunty’s hair.
They wouldnt scratch a brother’s face or fart in an open space..

So you see why I said I’m not sure they do.
On the other hand,babies really do have dreams..
Dreams about how they will look like at 5years old and what they would have achieved.LOL!
Dreams about how they will be the best “Biter” in their creche class and all that….

Tell me what you think.
Do babies dream? Do they also think?

Love from auntylanre


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

4 thoughts on “Do babies also dream?

  1. I’m sure they dream. Just can’t tell what they dream about. I’m also sure they think, tho’ they can’t think rationally yet at the baby stage.

    I think I’m right. Lol


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