Its not in how much you have accomplished, how much wealth you have accumulated nd all that..

It is in how much life you have given out
How much love you have given, how much evil you’ve defeated with good.

How far you have gone with making life worthliving for at least a person.
How many people you make happy everyday, how you have bonded with family and made impacts..
How you create a presence everywhere you go and all that.
Its in all of that.

Sometimes its beyond how people see it..Its about how you feel about that situation and what you have resolved to do.
Put life into every dead thing around you.

Live joyfully,be happy and spread the happiness around too.
Be a joy to many and leave a lasting impact in every soul you meet.

Make the world a really happy place by spreading love…Even if its just a person you can share it with.. Just Do it!

Love from auntylanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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