Why we cheat…

Dictionary definition of CHEAT:To be sexually unfaithful to one’s partner in marriage.

By this definition,we can only refer to married men and women.
I dont like this dictionary though so we would go with mine…thats where we get to remove “married”
Truth is,MEN CHEAT.

Answer unknown..Maybe I can try.
Okay this is it..Women cheat also.
And they do for the same reasons.
Sometimes its probably cos they grew up with CHEATING parents..
And as you know that the best way to teach a child how to cheat is by cheating..A child sees his dad/mum cheat and thinks its the best to do and thereafter does the same.

Or maybe they cheat cos they wanna see what its like to be with another person.
Or maybe their spouses dont make them feel needed or loved at home.
Maybe its because they are emotionally dissatisfied.

And most times i think its probably because they live boring lives and they think they can add flavour to it by sleeping around.
Or maybe it is because they av regular fights at home that are left unresolved..

I dont know why..But what i know is,despite all these reasons i dont think anyone should cheat.
Maybe Pastors shouldnt let men and women take vows anymore…These days it seems vows arent sacred anymore.
Even the rings worn on the finger has lost its significance these days..

Why get hooked up in the first place if what you intended was to sleep around?
Not attacking men alone tho..its d same for women too.
Paul said if you cant stay away from fornication,get married..
so u can do it all with your partner.
Im saying if you cant stay put with your partner,you need jesus..

If you are going to make that man/guy,babe/woman sad,dont get urself in his/her life.You are there to make him/her better!Stop being spooky and get a life.

Love from auntylanre


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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