Ladies, lets help these guys

Looking back down the years when I had guys gather the courage to express how they probably feel about me, I figured it took them a whole lot of nerves to do it.
Sometimes when I see the efforts my brother put into getting a girl to be his girlfriend, I cant help but encourage him.
Ladies,lets help these guys..
Lets be approachable and not hand down slaps to every guy who summons the courage.
Lets appreciate and understand that they just need to express themselves.
Even if you are not interested, dont say it in their face to spite them..Just calmly tell it to their face..LOL!
And if you are interested in being with him, dont make it difficult by forming hard to get that you delay him for 6months or more..Btw,Its not in the delaying.
Guys,just thot I shuld be on ur side this morning. I hope I am able to help.LOL.

Love from auntylanre


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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