The way to go up is down..

To go up,You need to go down.
Not sure you know what I mean by this statement.
Truth is,there is no how you can be Up if you cant go down.
Im being intentional about my repetition.
You dont have to brag..You dont need to shout..Just do the best you can and be all you can be.
You cant pretend to be who you are not and eventually become that “Who u are not” kinda person.
You shouldnt look down on people except you are looking at their shoes.
Stop thinking you are the richest and the smartest and the neatest and all that..Quit thinking theres no one like you.
Dude/Babe, there are more than 7billion other people that thinks they are the best as well.
Keep the thots to yourself..Dnt blab, dnt brag, dont sweat it, dont make noise..Empty tins make the loudest noise.
Be grateful for who you are and what you have.
Be a blessing to many others..
Everything you have, you have been given, and all you are, you will be accountable..
Be humble! Stay humble!
Remember that to go up, you need to go down.

Love from auntylanre


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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