No more bullying

So something happened today at my place of work..
I watched a child as she was being bullied by another girl. When she couldnt bear it any longer,she ran to her elder brother of about 5years old to report to him.I saw the way her brother defended her with all he had..And at last,she felt secured.
In the same way, when we pass through difficult times that might “more than bully” us,lets not forget that we have a father,a big brother and a friend we can run to for defence..He doesnt only watch your back,he watches everything and hez concerned about everything that concerns you.
This is not a sermon,its just a reminder that there is nothing capable of intimidating or bullying you, with God on your side.
Truth is, you are important to GOd..Hez got one eye on you and the other on the world..


Enter into his rest!

Love from auntylanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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