The game of Hide and Seek.

Im sure you must be familiar with the game of hide and seek, where you/ur playmate goes to hide and then the other person begins to search for the other playmate(U get the picture).
Brings me to the question: Why play hide and seek?
Originally,you are not lost! Why do you need to be found?
So many people get lost in the process of finding their playmates.
Now u see my point; Someone initiates the idea of playing hide and seek, not with the intention of helping the other person get lost but on the long run,he might actually get lost trying to find his playmate…
Here’s the deal guys, dont for a moment initiate the game of hide and seek..Jes stay focused..You dont need that spice,it might mess u up!
Dont for a moment decide to take a break from God, friends,relationships….You think the other person will look for you?Yes,he/she will, but they might get lost looking for u…
Apparently, God wont get lost.He’d help to find you.
Not sure I’ve passed any message across..Jes find ur part of the message nd hold on to it.
Just a few thoughts..

Love from auntylanre


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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