It’s Okay to “Want Out” but…..


You must be so interested in this piece..For some of you, you know what I mean.

See, love isnt fairy tale..Its not what happened in Sleeping beauty neither is love a crazy feeling as others say.
I wont go quoting 1Corinthians 13…But u know what I’d say to you;
Love is a choice.
You meet a person,decide to be friends with him/her, clear up ur head and think it through and then decide to LOVE the person.
Love isnt “saying I love you”..Love is more than what is being said.
Imagine if Jesus jes said “You know what guys?I love you,but I can go through so much pain for you, lets just stay as surface friends”

Even friendships begin with Love.
Truth is;when you decide to love a person, you have chosen to be dead.
You have decided to stay loving the person no matter what..Thats where commitment comes in.

Yes, Love brings excitement but it would run out on the longrun but it takes Commitment and discipline to sustain such…
Its so easy to fall in love..really easy but its so difficult to stay in it making sure the excitement dont run out and being committed to make it work even when it eventually does run out.
Though you need to add some spice too, so it doesnt get too boring cos when it begins to get boring, the first quick temptation is to “want out” which wont help.

Wanting out doesnt make you justified…it only leaves u feeling worse than u were initially.
You’ve gotta learn to stay in!
You’d get married to some person one day and those things are going to repeat itself, wuld you “want out”? Or would you make it work..

Yes!Love brings this tingling feeling but when it stops tingling you, what happens next?
Just a few thoughts..
What do you think?

Love from auntylanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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