For the yoruba speaking people, you must be familiar with the saying “ma woju uche, oju uche n sheje”..

It simply means “Dont look at uche’s face,Hez got a REDEYE”.
So does that mean uche’s eyes musnt be looked at?
It means that Uche is busy executing his projects and dreams ruthlessly…He wouldnt even look at you,so dont bother staring into his REDEYES..

I would rather ask uche to show me the button so I can switch on the RED EYE button..

Lets get serious now…You cant get your eyes red when you sleep like pomo, you would only get them swollen like airbags…
You also wouldnt get your eyes red if all you do is sit in front of the T.V in a fully air conditioned room…You would only get your cheeks fat and fresh that way..

Notice that when you stay in a spot doing something tangible and productive, the red eye button is switched on…
Notice that when you dive into a pool and stay in it for long, the RED EYE button is turned on..

That tells me that you cant achieve much when you stay on the surface, dive deeper…stay in it!
Work harder, stay on it!
Quit talking without action…Only comedians do that and it pays them.

If you are best at just ONE thing, practise it consistently,get more information, stay best at it..
If its a dream you have, dont just talk about it…Take the next step..

Try something new everyday, if it does not work, try something else..Do everything you need to do but dont do NOTHING..

Gotta go now before I get caught..
Uche just caught me staring..

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