If only you could eat all you wanna…Do things that give you pleasure without been accountable to anybody..

If only you could have everything you want…If only you could live life the way you think best..

Lemme give you the biggest shocker of your life..YOU CAN’T.
You can’t eat anyhow…
You cant live anyhow and have everything..

You would account for every of your actions….
Should I go on?
I can do anything I want…But I wont. WHY?
Because I am accountable to God for my life and I wouldnt like to tell God that I lived my life ANYHOW fulfilling all worldly pleasures..

So here is it; Why cant we start by being DELIBERATE about every of our acts and deeds…our speech and thoughts.
Why cant we love at least one person deliberately…
Why cant we empty our wallets just to meet a need..
Why cant we smile at the hopeless…To deliberately create an atmosphere of hope in a dying soul..

Why cant we forget OURSELVES for once and REACH OUT to help OTHERS.
Why can’t we give someone a chance to live again by spreading the fragrance of love and warmth..

Can we start Now? Like right now..
Can we stretch ourselves to help someone,just one person today!
You might not have cash, give laughs..
You might not have wealth, give health..
You can say a PRAYER…You can share your LAUGHTER..

A simple act of kindness can heal the world.
The world is hurting…Pass on some Love.

Thats all the world needs.



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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