Im not too sure you would like the contents of this post..
Like it or Yes, I would still say what it is..

Let me bring you back to what you might have forgotten…
You dont own YOU!
You belong to GOD..If I’m wrong,call my attention to it..But dude,I’m not Wrong!

Believe it or Not, you are not gonna be here forever. I just thought I should remind you so you dont get carried away!

In case you’re wondering why I’m saying these..
After my usual communion with God this morning, i turned on my data and got a message from a friend talking about the fact that, the goodnews has reached everywhere, prophecies happening already and that the devil is busy working really hard to keep you and I busy so we can walk away from God.
Hell No! Thats not gonna happen..I’m not gonna walk away from God..Will You?

Truth is, The devil is actually working hard to get more followers for himself..
He doesnt wanna be alone in hell..
He doesnt wanna be condemned alone…He doesnt wanna burn alone…He wants to have people to crack jokes with…

Bring your ears close, lemme whisper somefin,
” I dont wanna go to be with the devil*.
I would rather live CONSCIOUSLY and DELIBERATELY..
I would rather do good…Help the poor, show love to everyone..

I would rather be the JESUS in my neighbourhood, going around, doing only what Jesus would do.
I would rather stay where I am supposed to be than cut corners to be where I am not supposed to go..
I would rather fear God than do things that would displease him..

Would you say the same this moment, so that the devil knows that he’s gonna lose a whole lotta people..

The world is gonna end soon..You know right?

Spread the word to the world!
I dont wanna be caught unawares..Do you?



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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