Faith On FLEEK


…..So just recently when I asked tomi what it means for somefin to be on fleek, he said ” Top notch”..

I used to think “fleek” was another social media…Somfin like Instagram or facebook…I quit thinking that way when I saw “Faith on fleek”

But really, shuld our faith be on fleek already? It can stay on instagram and the likes…But fleek? You’ve got to be super deliberate for it to happen.
Sometimes I wish for my faith to be on fleek but scary situations wont let me.

In that instance, I remembered that for anything to be TOP NOTCH, You’ve got be unshaking, deliberate, unwavering and consistent…

I can put my faith on fleek right now..Its jes a matter of asking for the gift of faith…
Btw, there is the usual FAITH and therez the GIFT OF FAITH…

You need that kinda FAITH that is on FLEEK to really move mountains and to raise the dead..
And to do loads of other amazing stuffs..

So friend, let your faith be on fleek..It pays!

Love from AuntyLanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

One thought on “Faith On FLEEK

  1. I totally agree with you Lanre… But sometime faith is so simple that we think it is extraordinary. When you want to sit on a chair, you just believe the chair is good and it will not fall you down. That is faith. So my faith is fleek at that point… The word faith is simply being convince about smtin and certain that what you are convinced about will come to pass. That is faith… So let keep our faith fleek… Thank Lanre God will keep encouraging you as you have been an encouragement to this generation


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