My SundayDiary

Just this evening while I was coming back from my lagos trip, I paused my usual life, my selfie life…and looked out of the window to see what was happening with life.

I saw men running after vehicles, some driving on topspeed, women standing at bus stops waiting for the next cab, Another woman carrying a child strapped to her back..
I saw mad men, saw sane children running here and there…

I even saw a man, bent downwards to a dirty stagnant water in one of the potholes along the iwo road express way..

Just suddenly, I thought to myself, “what really is life all about”?

From what I know, life is a race…Everyone is moving, some are held up in traffic and would still move..Some are parked somewhere…Some are overtaken by others…Some get there first, some others are still on their way..
Some are lost, still trying to recalculate their routes, others know the directions but are short of gas..

I also thought to myself, “Everyone is looking for something”…Some already know how to find it…Others are still looking to find it.. Some dont even know what they are looking for…

I think its a feeling of satisfaction…A sense of fulfillment…
A feeling thats joyful yet unexplainable..
Something beautiful..yet fulfilling

Its okay to want that? The good news is You’d get it!

Sometimes what you need is what you ought to give…You need a smile?Give one.
You need to feel loved? Love someone..
Need encouragement? Encourage someone…

Life is a race, We are athletes!
There is a prize! Yes…
And we need to pay a price for the prize…
Find out the price you need to pay in my posts…

Thot I’d share my tots….Lemme know whatchu fink.

Love from AuntyLanre


I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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