Speak Life


So I was listening to a message this morning by Sam Adeyemi and he was talking about Personality and temperament types..

I discovered my kinda person; why I liked to talk alot and explain in details..

Figured out it wasn’t bad to like to talk a lot…Its jes who I am.
Brings me to the fact that you dont have to be me or someone else before you decide to speak positively…

Stop saying that’s who you are…stop saying you don’t believe in being Optimistic…There’s nofin like that..

Say it when you have to…Speak it and shout it to the world…
Scream positivity to that negativity..
Smile even when the situation isnt  what you expect..Its difficult tho but you gotta try.

When things are going wrong, SPEAK LIFE.
When life acts weird… SCREAM LIFE.

You need to learn how to respond to life with your words.
Words are beings…
They have ears and they have eyes..
Trust me they have hands and legs too.
Our words are functional…They are life.

You can tame every other part of the body but you would need extra commitment to tame the mouth…
Almost all the time, things don’t happen until you speak..

Speak what you want to see.
Speak life …
Because our words are life and they give life..

Love from AuntyLanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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