Beyond Me….


FYI: This post was written last month…You can correct the tenses if you like.

A letter to anyone who cares to listen

Dear You,
            I feel really awful doing this…Most times I like to keep stuffs to myself because Im afraid people dont care enough to listen..Or maybe its that I assume people think I complain a lot.

Today, I went to the salon not knowing what hairstyle to do and I came back feeling really terrible than I first was.
Wasted my time and of course my boo’s time sitting under a really hot dryer only for the hairdresser to brush out all the curls..

Now hair looks totally “Not like it”
I needed to gather much courage to be able to feel good about my self at that moment…

In between Now and some 5mins ago,I thought to myself
“Lanre, you are busy sulking over your terrible hair when so many people dont have the opportunities you have”

Okay so this is it…I need to be deliberate about this One Act!
“GET BEYOND YOURSELF LANRE!!!Life isnt about your hair!It isnt really about you”.

Live beyond what you want, what didn’t work, what’s perfect for you and all of that…

Take a moment and think about other people…
Let your watchword be “More of you and less of ME”.

Live for God! Live for love! Live for others and their happiness..
When they are happy, you are happier…
Life is better when you live selflessly…

Love from AuntyLanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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