You know, I wonder what has happened to us….
While we were much younger, when it rains, we’re happier than we’ve been all day…

You should know why ….

We loved to play in water…
We loved the feel of raindrops on our foreheads and faces…
We loved that we’d feel cold and would be wrapped up in warm clothes..
We loved the warmth and affection we were given then…

These days, when it rains,we find shelter..
We find a place to keep warm…
A place to stay safe…

What changed??

For me, I think of my hair (its def gonna itch)…
I think of the shivers it’d send down my spine..
I think of the meds I’d have to get (that’s if I catch cold).

But really, what changed?

Nowadays,there’s little or no affection for grown ups anymore…Except they find refuge in their “boos” and “friends”..

The world has gotten wider for you…
You are more responsible…
You have to keep yourself healthy for you…And for the world that needs you…

Not everybody cares about you that much (this sentence doesnt sound correct, but at least u get wat i’m saying yea)….

Well, not everybody is meant to care about you….If you have 1 or 2persons, then its aii…And of course, you knw God cares yea?

So back to the matter, You know quite well that to have FAITH is hard, but you need it anyway..

While I was walking down to the bus stop from work, the clouds had become gloomy and dark…

Ofcourse, she was ready to pour..

I said to God, “Let me get to foodco God, then the rain can start”.

I took a few steps and it started…
Now I’m soaked!

What happened?

Was I being selfish by just asking God to keep me warm?

Or was my faith not strong enough? (Ooops! Forgot to put it on fleek)

And jes yesterday,I asked God for a car…
Would I be justified If I say God isnt fair?
No, I wont..

God is good…Despite all my HAVE-NOTS…

His plans and thoughts are higher and better than ours…So I can wait for it..

I gotta go…the rain is reduced.

Sure you learnt 1 or 2 lessons from me..
K! Bye..

Oops..it has not reduced ooo..

Love from AuntyLanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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