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This morning, when I opened my facebook, I saw a friend request from my EX. This inspired this post.

Sometimes, everything is good for you, but not everything is right for you.

All the guys that wanted me so badly at some point are married now, at least I can count 3!

I could have settled for them…But you know, I took my time with them…Didnt stress it!

They all were in a hurry to tie the knot…I knew it wasnt time for me….I also knew that I couldnt have married them cos my mates were getting married..

I understand so well that I cant move at the pace of my mates…

In my present relationship, God has taught and is teaching me so much stuff I had never learnt before..

Most of the things I would need when I eventually get to be with him legally.

Point is: Don’t move at others pace…Know God’s timing…Understand the times and seasons of your life so you don’t mess it all up!

I know you might be thinking, ” But you have lost opportunities to get married”.
“What if you’ve lost your husband to some other woman”?

I AM IN THE RIGHT PLACE…And this is the right time.

Mind you, getting married isn’t about maximising every opportunity you get…It’s a decision..Its ONE choice you have to make.

Its a choice you need to make if you don’t wanna be like PAUL.

See, God wants you to be happy…
Being with your Mr/Mrs CHOICE doesn’t guarantee all life happiness….

It doesnt mean, because you are married to that person, you’d always be happy…

Learn to be wise…It is wisdom to do things that’d make God happy!

Focus on loving God, and then making your spouse happy wont be difficult.

When you are with God, he lets you in on how to run your marriage/ relationship.

I guess I need to stop here…Sure you know I have talked about Timing, Making choices, Happiness and Wisdom all in this piece

Let me know if this inspires you!

Love from AuntyLanre



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