Wednesday Ofofo


I have fresh gists for you oo, straight outta the freezer..

So last week, my friend was telling me about one babe that he really likes but does not like him back .

Guys, this is for you, 
1. She likes you but she cant let you see it. Once she lets you see that she likes you, she believes you will stop chasing.. Ladies,  Some guys are really shy ooo,  they wont ask you again…

2. You are not the only guy that likes her,  there are other guys on her case,  so step up your game. She needs to see something unique in you before she even decides to give you her attention.

3. She probably has issues she is dealing with and she thinks giving you her attention might make it worse. So,  don’t be all up in her face, give her some space.

4.  She has never met a guy that has expressed his likeness for her. She doesn’t know what it means to be “liked”. Don’t rush her with your presence,  she might freak out. Just show kind gestures, help out,  buy her a drink, or a gift,  soon enough she will loosen up.

5. She is in a relationship and wouldn’t want any interference but she can’t get herself to tell you. Maybe cos she cares so much about other people’s feelings.
Just ask her and get her to open up. Tell her its fine and don’t disturb.

Are you in the same category?  Pls share your thoughts.

Love from AuntyLanre



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