Just this evening, I noticed and thought about something I had never thought about.

Sure you would love to listen.
So I noticed children playing on the street.
I saw older children, as well as younger ones.

Then that thought just struck me, whoever their mum and dad is,
Has had/ been having sex.

So, you cant really hide.

Children,people generally are a product of lovemaking/SEX.
So why run away from the topic?
Why close your ears when it is being mentioned?

When you see a protuded belly, it simply means,SHE HAD SEX!
Some sexually active young people,who are not even married yet.
Pretend and appear like they have never had anything to do with their
Lover not knowing that Our oldies know and see the signs, especially
On a female’s body.

Sincerely, love making is enjoyable, Even God knows that. But only when the time is right.

I am an advocate for #NoSexBeforeMarriage and I mean it.
Its okay if you are young and you have crossed that bridge, you can caution yourself now, dust your skirts, zip your jeans and do all you can to unfall from that temptation.

Truth is, its easy to give in… Whatever is easy cannot be appreciated. So, dont even try it.

You want to please her, you dont want him to feel bad…
Hey, no one will get hurt if he feels bad, but you both will if you do it to please him/her.

Whats the point if everything comes easy? Even “miss precious” underneath her skirt too?

I dare you to keep yourself… To focus more on building yourself, your confidence, your life.

I dare you to say No to the pressures… To resist and unfall from that temptation.

Its tempting and juicy, Yes, I know. But its safer to delay gratification.
Married folks tell us, “Ko ni pe su yin” (You will soon be tired of it). So if thats it, why eat your cake half baked?

The next time you get a chance to talk to a teenager, teach them these things.
They dont have so much information on this topic .

Don’t also forget to tell them that Sex is not an end in itself, it is progressive.
Remember to smile when you see a pregnant woman or a child, let it remind you of the product of lovemaking/sex.

Let it also remind you, if you are still single and young to stay away from sexual affairs until you are hitched..

Would love to hear from you

Love from AuntyLanre



I'm passionate about God,life and people...

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