Speak Life


So I was listening to a message this morning by Sam Adeyemi and he was talking about Personality and temperament types..

I discovered my kinda person; why I liked to talk alot and explain in details..

Figured out it wasn’t bad to like to talk a lot…Its jes who I am.
Brings me to the fact that you dont have to be me or someone else before you decide to speak positively…

Stop saying that’s who you are…stop saying you don’t believe in being Optimistic…There’s nofin like that..

Say it when you have to…Speak it and shout it to the world…
Scream positivity to that negativity..
Smile even when the situation isnt  what you expect..Its difficult tho but you gotta try.

When things are going wrong, SPEAK LIFE.
When life acts weird… SCREAM LIFE.

You need to learn how to respond to life with your words.
Words are beings…
They have ears and they have eyes..
Trust me they have hands and legs too.
Our words are functional…They are life.

You can tame every other part of the body but you would need extra commitment to tame the mouth…
Almost all the time, things don’t happen until you speak..

Speak what you want to see.
Speak life …
Because our words are life and they give life..

Love from AuntyLanre


My SundayDiary

Just this evening while I was coming back from my lagos trip, I paused my usual life, my selfie life…and looked out of the window to see what was happening with life.

I saw men running after vehicles, some driving on topspeed, women standing at bus stops waiting for the next cab, Another woman carrying a child strapped to her back..
I saw mad men, saw sane children running here and there…

I even saw a man, bent downwards to a dirty stagnant water in one of the potholes along the iwo road express way..

Just suddenly, I thought to myself, “what really is life all about”?

From what I know, life is a race…Everyone is moving, some are held up in traffic and would still move..Some are parked somewhere…Some are overtaken by others…Some get there first, some others are still on their way..
Some are lost, still trying to recalculate their routes, others know the directions but are short of gas..

I also thought to myself, “Everyone is looking for something”…Some already know how to find it…Others are still looking to find it.. Some dont even know what they are looking for…

I think its a feeling of satisfaction…A sense of fulfillment…
A feeling thats joyful yet unexplainable..
Something beautiful..yet fulfilling

Its okay to want that? The good news is You’d get it!

Sometimes what you need is what you ought to give…You need a smile?Give one.
You need to feel loved? Love someone..
Need encouragement? Encourage someone…

Life is a race, We are athletes!
There is a prize! Yes…
And we need to pay a price for the prize…
Find out the price you need to pay in my posts…

Thot I’d share my tots….Lemme know whatchu fink.

Love from AuntyLanre

Faith On FLEEK


…..So just recently when I asked tomi what it means for somefin to be on fleek, he said ” Top notch”..

I used to think “fleek” was another social media…Somfin like Instagram or facebook…I quit thinking that way when I saw “Faith on fleek”

But really, shuld our faith be on fleek already? It can stay on instagram and the likes…But fleek? You’ve got to be super deliberate for it to happen.
Sometimes I wish for my faith to be on fleek but scary situations wont let me.

In that instance, I remembered that for anything to be TOP NOTCH, You’ve got be unshaking, deliberate, unwavering and consistent…

I can put my faith on fleek right now..Its jes a matter of asking for the gift of faith…
Btw, there is the usual FAITH and therez the GIFT OF FAITH…

You need that kinda FAITH that is on FLEEK to really move mountains and to raise the dead..
And to do loads of other amazing stuffs..

So friend, let your faith be on fleek..It pays!

Love from AuntyLanre


Im not too sure you would like the contents of this post..
Like it or Yes, I would still say what it is..

Let me bring you back to what you might have forgotten…
You dont own YOU!
You belong to GOD..If I’m wrong,call my attention to it..But dude,I’m not Wrong!

Believe it or Not, you are not gonna be here forever. I just thought I should remind you so you dont get carried away!

In case you’re wondering why I’m saying these..
After my usual communion with God this morning, i turned on my data and got a message from a friend talking about the fact that, the goodnews has reached everywhere, prophecies happening already and that the devil is busy working really hard to keep you and I busy so we can walk away from God.
Hell No! Thats not gonna happen..I’m not gonna walk away from God..Will You?

Truth is, The devil is actually working hard to get more followers for himself..
He doesnt wanna be alone in hell..
He doesnt wanna be condemned alone…He doesnt wanna burn alone…He wants to have people to crack jokes with…

Bring your ears close, lemme whisper somefin,
” I dont wanna go to be with the devil*.
I would rather live CONSCIOUSLY and DELIBERATELY..
I would rather do good…Help the poor, show love to everyone..

I would rather be the JESUS in my neighbourhood, going around, doing only what Jesus would do.
I would rather stay where I am supposed to be than cut corners to be where I am not supposed to go..
I would rather fear God than do things that would displease him..

Would you say the same this moment, so that the devil knows that he’s gonna lose a whole lotta people..

The world is gonna end soon..You know right?

Spread the word to the world!
I dont wanna be caught unawares..Do you?


If only you could eat all you wanna…Do things that give you pleasure without been accountable to anybody..

If only you could have everything you want…If only you could live life the way you think best..

Lemme give you the biggest shocker of your life..YOU CAN’T.
You can’t eat anyhow…
You cant live anyhow and have everything..

You would account for every of your actions….
Should I go on?
I can do anything I want…But I wont. WHY?
Because I am accountable to God for my life and I wouldnt like to tell God that I lived my life ANYHOW fulfilling all worldly pleasures..

So here is it; Why cant we start by being DELIBERATE about every of our acts and deeds…our speech and thoughts.
Why cant we love at least one person deliberately…
Why cant we empty our wallets just to meet a need..
Why cant we smile at the hopeless…To deliberately create an atmosphere of hope in a dying soul..

Why cant we forget OURSELVES for once and REACH OUT to help OTHERS.
Why can’t we give someone a chance to live again by spreading the fragrance of love and warmth..

Can we start Now? Like right now..
Can we stretch ourselves to help someone,just one person today!
You might not have cash, give laughs..
You might not have wealth, give health..
You can say a PRAYER…You can share your LAUGHTER..

A simple act of kindness can heal the world.
The world is hurting…Pass on some Love.

Thats all the world needs.


For the yoruba speaking people, you must be familiar with the saying “ma woju uche, oju uche n sheje”..

It simply means “Dont look at uche’s face,Hez got a REDEYE”.
So does that mean uche’s eyes musnt be looked at?
It means that Uche is busy executing his projects and dreams ruthlessly…He wouldnt even look at you,so dont bother staring into his REDEYES..

I would rather ask uche to show me the button so I can switch on the RED EYE button..

Lets get serious now…You cant get your eyes red when you sleep like pomo, you would only get them swollen like airbags…
You also wouldnt get your eyes red if all you do is sit in front of the T.V in a fully air conditioned room…You would only get your cheeks fat and fresh that way..

Notice that when you stay in a spot doing something tangible and productive, the red eye button is switched on…
Notice that when you dive into a pool and stay in it for long, the RED EYE button is turned on..

That tells me that you cant achieve much when you stay on the surface, dive deeper…stay in it!
Work harder, stay on it!
Quit talking without action…Only comedians do that and it pays them.

If you are best at just ONE thing, practise it consistently,get more information, stay best at it..
If its a dream you have, dont just talk about it…Take the next step..

Try something new everyday, if it does not work, try something else..Do everything you need to do but dont do NOTHING..

Gotta go now before I get caught..
Uche just caught me staring..

I would like to recommend that you get your copy of bolu onasanya’s book “RED EYE”.

Please click on this link: Amazon- Share: http://www.amazon.com/Red-Eye-Execution-Bolu-Onasanya/dp/150782467X

It’s Okay to “Want Out” but…..


You must be so interested in this piece..For some of you, you know what I mean.

See, love isnt fairy tale..Its not what happened in Sleeping beauty neither is love a crazy feeling as others say.
I wont go quoting 1Corinthians 13…But u know what I’d say to you;
Love is a choice.
You meet a person,decide to be friends with him/her, clear up ur head and think it through and then decide to LOVE the person.
Love isnt “saying I love you”..Love is more than what is being said.
Imagine if Jesus jes said “You know what guys?I love you,but I can go through so much pain for you, lets just stay as surface friends”

Even friendships begin with Love.
Truth is;when you decide to love a person, you have chosen to be dead.
You have decided to stay loving the person no matter what..Thats where commitment comes in.

Yes, Love brings excitement but it would run out on the longrun but it takes Commitment and discipline to sustain such…
Its so easy to fall in love..really easy but its so difficult to stay in it making sure the excitement dont run out and being committed to make it work even when it eventually does run out.
Though you need to add some spice too, so it doesnt get too boring cos when it begins to get boring, the first quick temptation is to “want out” which wont help.

Wanting out doesnt make you justified…it only leaves u feeling worse than u were initially.
You’ve gotta learn to stay in!
You’d get married to some person one day and those things are going to repeat itself, wuld you “want out”? Or would you make it work..

Yes!Love brings this tingling feeling but when it stops tingling you, what happens next?
Just a few thoughts..
What do you think?

Love from auntylanre


The game of Hide and Seek.

Im sure you must be familiar with the game of hide and seek, where you/ur playmate goes to hide and then the other person begins to search for the other playmate(U get the picture).
Brings me to the question: Why play hide and seek?
Originally,you are not lost! Why do you need to be found?
So many people get lost in the process of finding their playmates.
Now u see my point; Someone initiates the idea of playing hide and seek, not with the intention of helping the other person get lost but on the long run,he might actually get lost trying to find his playmate…
Here’s the deal guys, dont for a moment initiate the game of hide and seek..Jes stay focused..You dont need that spice,it might mess u up!
Dont for a moment decide to take a break from God, friends,relationships….You think the other person will look for you?Yes,he/she will, but they might get lost looking for u…
Apparently, God wont get lost.He’d help to find you.
Not sure I’ve passed any message across..Jes find ur part of the message nd hold on to it.
Just a few thoughts..

Love from auntylanre

Its okay to be PAINED.


I know its difficult and challenging when you have to go through a bit of pain..Might be more than a bit tho..The amazing thing is that you forget all the pains when the gains set in.
It takes a lot of believing and a lot of Hoping and trusting..And so great faith to sail through that kinda ocean..
But you know,the pains are needed to make you who u are supposed to be.It equips you for the future..
All of these are for your sakes,
The pains and the gains..The shame and the fame.
All these would count at the end!

Love from auntylanre

No more bullying

So something happened today at my place of work..
I watched a child as she was being bullied by another girl. When she couldnt bear it any longer,she ran to her elder brother of about 5years old to report to him.I saw the way her brother defended her with all he had..And at last,she felt secured.
In the same way, when we pass through difficult times that might “more than bully” us,lets not forget that we have a father,a big brother and a friend we can run to for defence..He doesnt only watch your back,he watches everything and hez concerned about everything that concerns you.
This is not a sermon,its just a reminder that there is nothing capable of intimidating or bullying you, with God on your side.
Truth is, you are important to GOd..Hez got one eye on you and the other on the world..


Enter into his rest!

Love from auntylanre